Toyota Touch & Go

Today I have upgraded my new car’s infotainment system firmware. It is nice to see frequent upgrades, but there is no change log whatsoever. So I decided to have a close look at the actual image file. This image appears to be a standard ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data file which can be mounted as a cdrom. Doing so reveals a lot of interesting data such as version info of all modules, build time stamp. I did a diff on the version.txt file in /etc of both image files below:

Version 1.7.4L:!application/Toyota/OS/EU_Low/2012_03_19/swdl.iso (78M)
Version 1.7.2L:!application/Toyota/OS/EU_Low/2011_12_08/swdl.iso (78M)

The result is shown below:

< version=1.7.4L < user=dmiller < date=Fri 01/27/2012 < time=13:52:05.66 < Accellion_AAA:1.0.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.thirdparty.accellion_AAA.trunk < imageChecksumUtility:1.1.1:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.imageChecksumUtility.trunk < nav:3.1.4_10-26-11:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.nav.release.CY11_EU < nav-sys:1.0.11:Toyota.extension_box.omap.nav.trunk < Spot Tools:1.2.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.spottools.trunk --- > version=1.7.2L > user=DMiller > date=Wed 12/07/2011 > time=19:45:37.33 > imageChecksumUtility:0.1.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.imageChecksumUtility.trunk > nav:3.0.7_10-26-11:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.nav.release.CY11 > nav-sys:1.0.8:Toyota.extension_box.omap.nav.trunk > Spot Tools:1.1.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.spottools.trunk

So now we know the modules that have change between the 1.7.2L and 1.7.4 version. Looks like the navigation module is updated. There also one new module in 1.7.4 called Accellion_AAA.

I will investigate the differences further next time, so stay tuned! 🙂

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