Toyota Touch & Go explained

There have been some questions about the physical Toyota Touch & Go unit in the comments of earlier blog posts. Those questions are already answered, but it’s nice to see how the system physically looks like. There is also a summery of what is system is capable of. This information comes from a troubleshooting guide.

The Toyota Touch & Go system enables a suite of services on select DA (Display Audio) head units on available Toyota models. The system will connect with the user’s cell phone for the provision of Location Based Services as well as the various applets such as Google search, fuel pricing, parking information, weather information, Parking and Glass of Water, etc.
The system utilizes a USB connection for system software updates, navigation map updates as well as access to a variety of USB media storage devices that use MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV audio formats. The USB uses the 2.0 USB standards for connectivity. The USB port will also charge a connected device.

The features provided by the Touch & Go System are:

  1. GPS Navigation with map display and turn-by-turn audible guidance
  2. USB2.0 interface – for software updated, USB media devices and USB charging
  3. Voice Recognition (TT&Go+only) capability for audio media control, GPS Navigation and Phone
  4. Handsfree phone
  5. On-line local search, POI send-to-car via cellphone link
  6. Connected Applets (Fuel, Parking, Park&Go & Weather) via cell phone link
  7. Non-connected Applets (Glass of Water)

The Toyota T&G service is enabled by the separate Extension Box (EXT) that mounts under the Display Audio (DA) head unit as shown below: