Touch & Go map outdated

I’m using the Toyota Touch & Go system for the past 2 months. Being a happy user I have one remark on the product, which is the navigation map.

Toyota says the following on their website “Did you know that 20% of the roads change every year? With up-to-date maps you get to your destination in time, avoid unpleasant surprises and detours, and drive more safely.” The map I have is the most up to date, which dates 21 march 2011. That is over a year and a month old. The dealer told me they are working towards a 6 months update cycle. I have send customer relations a mail on when we can expect a new map updates. When i receive a response I will post it here.

Harman has developed the Touch & Go system for Toyota. It uses QNX for the operating system and maps and updates are coming from which is a map update portal operated by NNG formerly knows as Nav N Go. The news section on the website report that there are map updates available for Europe 2011 Q4.****