Hier ben ik.

Hier ben ik.

After some delay my new phone finally arrived today. Normally I'm little excited when a new toy enters the house, but yesterday I discovered there is no Google free version of Fairphone OS available yet.

Operating systems (OS) for the Fairphone 3
The Fairphone 3 ships with Fairphone OS, a Google Mobile Services release, based on Android version 9 Pie, with the Full set of Google Gapps.Our aim is to support Fairphone 3 with security and so...

It's me to blame for not doing enough research, but I assumed there would be a choice to start with the default Google enabled Fairphone OS or install the Open version, like I use for quite a while now on my Fairphone 2. According to the support page it's even not decided yet if the Open version will come. I think it's more likely a alternative OS like LineageOS will deliver an image before Fairphone does. As they also did for the Fairphone 2.

Fair ink? Really..
Veggie ink? Really..

Well, I think my Fairphone 2 will last some more time. I'm already used to the waiting.. so I will survive a few months more.