Green phones in the house

Siemens-N300AA long time ago I did a post about the new home phone setup. Since that time I really liked the combination of Asterisk with the Siemens Gigaset VOIP handset. Now that I’ve moved to a bigger place with more than one floor I decided it was time to get another handset. I don’t know if it was a stupid coincidence, but the base station stopped transmitting the DECT signal a few days before moving. So this was a good moment to investigate what to buy as replacement. I eventually chose the N300A IP with two C610 handsets. The main reasons where IP for VOIP and the ECO DECT / ECO DECT+ option. The plus variant claims to shutdown the DECT signal completely while in standby modes, so it’s safe to put this one the night stand. It also has a baby phone functi****on, which might get handy.

Also this new base station N300A works flawlessly with the running Asterisk setup.