Eduroam on the iPhone at SARA

This is how I configured my iPhone to connect to Eduroam 802.1x at SARA.
Download and install the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility. You can find this utility on the Apple support pages. Download the following certificates SURFnet-PCA-Root-CA and SARA-KA (check the Active Directory Certificate Services server).

Startup your browser after installing the iPhone Configuration Utility and open http://localhost:3000. Login with admin/admin and add some relevant information to the four fields at the General tab.
Next you need to install the two certificates on the Credentials tab. Maybe you need to rename the certificate file name extension to .cer.

Set the following on the Wi-Fi tab:
Service Set Identifier (SSID): eduroam
Security Type: WEP Enterprise

**Protocols tab
**select as accepted EAP type: PEAP

Authentication tab
username: your KA username
Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2

Trust tab
Trusted Certificates:

select the two added certificates:
SARA Kantoorautomatisering

Allow Trust Exceptions: Checked

On the General tab use the ‘Export Profile’ button to export the just created configuration to a file. Sent this file by email to an email account you have configured on your iPhone. Open the email and install the profile and your’re done. You should now have a eduroam connection!

For more information look for the ‘Enterprise_Deployment_Guide.pdf’.