A new toy has arrived..

For a new and interesting project the hardware was finally delivered. It took some time to figure out what kind of hardware was capable of hosting three resource intensive SAP instances in a LPAR environment. We decided that the IBM p5 560Q with HMC, dual quad core and loads of memory should do the job. After unpacking, racking, cabling the fun part starts. Building a nice configuration. However, all went smooth until booting the server. After powering on the server the already installed service partition won’t become active and was stuck leaving a 0c31 error code on the display and HMC. It appears to be that the system was looking for a console. Booting again, now with an vterm open still gave no output. I had to connect a serial console running at a speed of 19200 baud and press 1. Horay! Just another hard day at the IT office..